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Do a Three-Year-Old’s Prayers Matter?

Praying Girl

How much do prayers matter?

Have you ever felt nervous telling your child about something you are praying for? You know prayers matter, but you’re nervous about sharing a prayer with your child because you’re sure God’s answer will be “No.” I have.

Prayers matter more than we know, as my first daughter can tell us.

One morning hours after taking my baby and toddler to a huge neighborhood garage sale, I panicked. I realized I had left my beautiful, new stroller sitting on the busy sidewalk.

My internal debate began: –Oh, no! I can’t believe I was that stupid when I was packing the kids up.
–Please, Lord, let it still be there.
–Oh, I need to pray out loud, so that Katie can see that you are the one we turn to for help.
–But I can’t pray out loud because I know this was my stupidity and not something you are probably just going to fix for me.
–I really don’t want her to decide that you don’t answer prayer, just because your answer is No on this one.
–But I also don’t want her to think we don’t pray about things just because we’re the ones that messed them up.

As I turned the car back toward that busy corner, I explained all of this to my three-year-old.

Little Katie interrupted me, saying, “Mom, you drive. I’ll pray.”

As we drove, she prayed with folded hands and tightly closed eyes. The only way she knew to pray. She peeked every now and then and finally saw the corner.

Katie said, “There it is! I knew God would put his angels around it to hide it from the bad guys.” Today she recalls this as the first time she was sure God was real.

My second daughter’s earliest memory of prayers answered came with her detachable bed bar.

Somehow we had left it in an unknown motel.

Julia instantly decided she was going to pray and knew God would bring it back to her. Though we didn’t argue with her, we nervously thought that it wasn’t that simple.

“The mail carrier will bring it to me,” she told us. A few days later she looked out of her bedroom window and announced, “There comes the mail carrier with my bed bar!” Sure enough, a motel whose address and number we had never written down had found our address. They had shipped our toddler’s bed bar back to us. This experience created in Julia a simple, absolute faith that her prayers matter to God.

Our youngest daughter’s earliest memory of answered prayer was the recovery of her Angela baby doll.

Angela went everywhere with her but one day disappeared. We searched for hours, assuring Stephanie we would find her. When bedtime came and we had looked everywhere we knew without finding her, we were baffled.

During our family prayer time, we prayed that God would keep Angela safe and out of the rain that night. We even prayed that someone loving would find her and adopt her, if she had to be gone for good.

The next morning, walking our oldest to school, I saw notices tacked up on trees and telephone poles down the street: “FOUND. A MUCH-LOVED BABY DOLL. CALL ###-#### TO CLAIM.”

Someone walking his dog before the rain started had found her, evidently dropped out of Stephanie’s stroller. Stephanie was thrilled and knew at that moment that God loved her enough to care about her Angela doll too!

Each of these instances reminds me that God used my broken ways of bringing my daughters to him to create faith in their hearts. He showed them their prayers matter–even when my own prayers were faithless.


7 thoughts on “Do a Three-Year-Old’s Prayers Matter?”

  1. Another wonderful blog post! I love the way these stories show the faithfulness of God, as well as some imaginative and wonderful ways to weave faith in Christ into everyday situations. Thanks for sharing! You are a blessing.

  2. Caitlin Schierbeek

    Yes! Your words have helped me so much! I have a 3 year old and a 7 month old and have wondered so many things about parenting and how to raise my children knowing God and my role as their mother. Your blogs have helped me so much and in ways I am forever grateful.

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  4. I visited a different church recently for my nieces dedication (a LARGE church). My kids are 5, 4, and 2.5. My husband left that morning for a trip so I was by myself. Of course…my crazy 3rd born ran off while I turned my back to get our coats off the hangers to leave. My other 2 kids had no idea he ran off. First time I lost my son somewhere! (Thankful it was at least in a church).
    I notified the staff as they helped me search for him and I told my other kids to sit on this bench and to stay put, which they did.
    We found my son in a matter of minutes, thankfully, and on the way back once safely in the car my first child says to me, “Mom. When we lost TJ I prayed. I prayed to God that we would find him and that he would be safe…and God answered my prayer!”
    I burst into tears after that! <3 <3 <3 <3 Love his heart. Having faith like a child's really is blessed. Loved your post! So true. Thank you!

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